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Chef Scharra’s Recipe Collection

Find all the recipe inspiration you need to start using your kitchen to it’s fullest cooking potential. Phoenix Chef Delivery is working tirelessly to add new and exciting recipes with easy to follow directions and complete ingredients. If you have any recipe requests make sure to contact us or leave a comment.

Quick and Easy Chicken Wonton Soup
This comforting chicken wonton soup lives up to the wonton's literal translation of "pillows of heaven".
Any fan of American classic, chicken dumpling soup will enjoy this eastern style "dumpling" recipe.
Read on for the ingredients and techniques to making this simple yet luxurious and filling dish that's easy to make in your kitchen and will most likely make it into your weekly lunch or dinner rotation.
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Easy Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala is a classic Indian dish and this version is easy and quick to make! If you're like me, you like food bursting with flavor and this dish is just that.
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